1. From: http://www.unmatchedstyle.com/cssoff/

    What a fun way to incorporate stylized illustrations plus photos for avatars/bios.

    This would solve the problem for anyone facing the “You look nothing like your drawn avatar” issue as well!

    Nicely done!

  2. via Anthony Colangelo, Brian Sloane


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  3. From: https://diy.org/skills/frontenddev

    Lots of fun over here including: Scale transforms, cubic-bezier timing effects, and infinite animations.

    H/T Derek Reynolds


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  4. In case you missed it in print, read the tutorial I wrote for .net Magazine online here!

  5. Dining at Altitude

    Super neat CSS hovers featuring an opacity transition on an overlay, faded out text and the best part, transitioning the scale property of the image to zoom it in on hover.

    Nice work.



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